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Summer of FUN Dog Agility Classes


Fun Agility

Fun Agility is a great activity for both children and dogs.  All dogs can take part in our fun dog agility classes provided they are friendly, social and healthy with no exsisting illness or injuries. It will challenge your dog mentally and physically all whilst putting their natural instincts to work!  Children will benefit from the physical activity required to navigate the course. The will also get the chance to socialise with other dog loving children and their dogs. The bond created between child and agility dog will be amazing!


Fun Guaranteed!

The biggest rule is to have FUN! This is not competitive agility, there is no high speeds and no clock to beat! Most importantly no one gets anything wrong on our course if your dog misses a jump we dont care as long as you‘re having fun with you dog nothing else matters! 


Time and Place!

Fun Agility will return Summer 2019 !

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Fun dog agility classes

Would your child love to come along?

Our Little Paws fun agility classes are open to club and non club members. 

Classes begin Wednesday 3rd July 

1hr agility is £10

a discount is available for club members!

There has been alot of interest in the classes and spaces are filling up fast. You can book as many classes as you wish just make sure you do so in advance. 

Little Paws Children’s Dog Training Club Belfast


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